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If you've ever been served process, you know that it can be a somewhat upsetting and intimidating situation. Someone you don't know can come to your house, job, or even the gym parking lot to hand you legal filings. These legal filings can be about both criminal and civil matters. They can come as a surprise, can be something you forgot, or can be something you're waiting for, as in some cases of litigation, criminal charges or divorce.

The legal filings can be in what is known as "legalese. They aren't supposed to be easy for the average person to read, but ought to be in clear enough language for you to understand somewhat. We would like to talk about the different legal filings you could be handed, but we always recommend meeting with a legal professional for any civil or criminal case.

States have different rules for who can serve process, but it's best if the opposing party has hired a professional like those at divorce lawyer Spanish Fork UT to do the job. These people will understand all the legal rules and ramifications, particularly about things like stalking and trespassing, so they can ensure that both the rights of the recipient and the responsibilities of the plaintiff or prosecutor are attended to.

Let's do a rundown of the major categories of legal filings you could be handed by a process server:

Summons: Whether in criminal court or the halls of civil justice, a summons is an order for you to show up in a court. These usually state a specific date and time to appear. If you don't appear, you can either be charged with contempt of court or can lose the civil case as a "non-responsive party".

Subpoenas: These fall under different rules from complaints and generally have to be signed off on by a court clerk. They are a kind of summons, but they require you to appear as a witness to give testimony, require you to present documentary evidence such as tangible items, records, books or papers or make you attend a deposition. These are often sent between attorneys rather than to you personally, but ignoring them can mean contempt charges or a loss of your case.

Small Claims Summons: Cases with just a little money involved generally come from small claims court, and they can be classified as complaints in most cases. These generally mean you have to pay the debt or to appear before the court. If you don't show up, you will likely have a judgment entered against you on your credit report.

Petitions: This kind legal filing begins a case, but asks for non-monetary or equitable relief such as a Writ of Mandamus (an order to do or forebear from doing something) or Habeus Corpus (a request for an arrested person to hear the charges against them These can also be given in cases such as those in family law.

Indictments: These criminal filings are handed down after a grand jury, led by a prosecutor, gathers to weigh evidence in a potential felony case against you. A grand jury, like a regular jury, is made up of fellow voters but the proceedings aresecret. This special jury meets to decide whether there is enough evidence to charge you with a felony. Without one of these decisions, the most serious cannot be argued before a judge. Indictments will be served to you or your lawyer.

Complaints: A complaint is a kind of legal filing, usually civil, and is the first one filed in a case. If you are given a complaint, it means you have been sued and are a defendant in a court case. There can also be criminal complaints, which are more severe than tickets or citations but often less grave than indictments.

Civil Summons: This is a type of filing in a civil matter that includes a specific time when you should go before the judge. It is different from a simple filing informing you of the case. These can be process served in many civil cases, including family law ones.

Citation: These specific summons are given, generally, by police officers, so aren't really in the category of process serving. Common citations, including traffic tickets, generally require that you respond in court or pay fines by a specified date. Accepting one of these is not saying you're guilty but, rather, a promise to appear. If you don't appear, it can mean immediate findings of guilt and growing fines and court fees.

Administrative Summons: These are give by the federal tax collectors at IRS and are for the purpose of ensuring that everyone gives their fair share according to the tax laws. These documents require the person being served show up before a federal tax examiner and have in hand documentation. This is usually the final step in an IRS investigation after agents have tried to get the money in other ways.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, like the founding documents of many other countries around the world, protect people by ensuring due process of law. Everyone is entitled to a chance to make their case. Professional process service is vital to this civil right and, when completed properly, can make the ordeal work better.